Beardslee Castle, Little Falls, NY | Ashleigh + Darien are Married!

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Sharing similar fandoms, Ashleigh and Darien met on Twitter only to discover they had known each other once upon a time back in the AIM days! This serendipitous moment has defined their love for each other as guided by the hands of fate. This magic continued right into and throughout their best day ever!

Ashleigh and Darien chose to literally be surrounded by friends and family during their ceremony. They staged a beautifully crafted arch of books in the circular garden of Beardslee Castle and set guests’ chairs 360 degrees around it. It was a unique way to display their affections, allow their guests to witness their self-written vows, and share their love of literature.

The couple displayed their love and devotion to Harry Potter in almost every wedding detail! Ashleigh’s bridesmaids were dressed to represent Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, and Slytherin Hogwarts House colors, which left the blue in Ashleigh’s bouquet and jewelry to represent Ravenclaw! Ashleigh handmade each of her bridesmaids matching earrings and necklaces in their house colors with the signature lightning bolt front and center. Each bouquet was made with paper flowers from pages from books delicately pinned on by items that personally represented each lady. Even a wizard and a dementor were among the witnesses. The castle offered a welcomed reprieve from the warm sun for cocktail hour while Ashleigh, Darien, family and the wedding party posed for some photographs in the circular garden.

Ashleigh and Darien were very creative with their reception details. Keeping with the fantastical Harry Potter theme, the table cards were flying keys made to dangle from a very convincing replica of The Sorting Hat. Guests were seated at tables representing different locations in the Harry Potter ‘verse. The centerpieces were made high with copies of each book from the Harry Potter series and accented with green, yellow, blue and red glass potion bottles. At the head table, the couple had a rad set of champagne flutes. The stems made of pewter dragons curl in such a way that when the glasses are put next to each other the two dragons make one heart.

We were honored to be a part of Ashleigh and Darien’s best day ever to capture the tender moments between them, amongst family and friends brought on by their union. It was clear that Ashleigh and Darien share something “truly, madly, deeply” with each other (as their first dance song was by Savage Garden). Here are some of our favorites:

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Lustrum!

Vendors || Venue – Beardslee Castle | Cake Artist – II Caffe | DJ – Eclectic Songs | Dress Vendor – Spybaby Bridal | Wedding Dress Designer – Sophia Tolli | Hair – Maria Tucci Hair Design |

Onondaga Golf and Country Club, Fayetteville, NY | Alyssa + Matthew are Married!

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Alyssa and Matthew’s big day was an elegant, bright, and classy way to celebrate their love – and also an awesome tribute to the best weather we’ve seen in weeks! We met Alyssa and her gals at the Mother of the Bride’s home. It was a nice, bright open space for everyone to get ready in. Everyone relaxed as they put the finishing touches on makeup and hair. Jenn met Matthew and his “Mattsmen” at the Genesee Grande just as they were putting the finishing touches on their tuxedos. They were ready in a flash (typical!), so they took some time to pose for photos; the first one being a “Mattsmen” tradition and a must.

After a formal ceremony at St. Ann’s in Manlius, the newlyweds took some time for a few portraits at the altar then it was time to celebrate!

The breathtaking beauty that is the landscape of the Onondaga Golf  & Country Club as one approaches it was brought inside by the incredible florals decorating everything – the fire place, the cake table, & the guests tables. White orchids, roses, and peonies adorned the entrance, and it was only the beginning!! The white orchids were the perfect choice and reflected the sun shining outside. We are sure that Kim and Chick at Whistlestop truly out did themselves! It’s always a pleasure to photograph incredible florals, especially when we know our photos will eventually be the only things left of them.

Clinton String Quartet greeted the guests for cocktail hour on the front lawn and eventually accompanied them into the reception hall for dinner. The full band, Atlas, led the rest of the evening’s festivities. Alyssa and Matthew shared a lovely first dance complete with twirls and dips! Just when they thought their night could not get any better, the newlyweds were invited out on the side lawn and given a magnificent fireworks display! The guests enjoyed in awe as the fireworks lit up the sky and echoed through the valleys of Syracuse. It was if we were on top of the city!

Here are some of our favorites from Alyssa & Matthew’s wedding day.

Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs.!

Other Wedding Professionals || Venue – Onondaga Golf & Country Club | Florist – Whistlestop | Musicians (ceremony, cocktail hour & dinner) – Clinton String Quartet | Cake – Carlo Tamilia | Band – Atlas | Hair – Stephanie Thoms + Jen Godfrey| Makeup – Rebecca Reyes| Dress Vendor – Katherine’s Bridal Boutique| Dress Designer: Watters “Gobi” |

Thornden Park, Syracuse, NY | Caitlin + George are Engaged!

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Caitlin and George (and Elijah) met me at Thornden Park for their e-sesh! Thornden Park is known for its Rose Garden but the roses aren’t in bloom this time of year, which was fine because the park has so many other beautiful nooks that we were able to take photos in! Wandering around talking about wedding plans and enjoying the wonderfully warm evening!  The weather we were given was unlike most of the days we’ve been having here in Upstate, NY! Seems like lately we have to gamble on which day we MIGHT get a touch of sunshine between the rain! We had to reschedule their session twice because of some crazy storms that were passing through both days we had originally planned! But this May evening that we got with them was lovely! I’m pretty sure it was almost 90 degrees!! We’ll take that and hold it tight! The lighting was airy and dreamlike and I couldn’t get enough of it! See for yourself!

The American Foundry, Oswego, NY | Bethany + Tony are Married!

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SHP kicked off the 2017 season just right with Bethany and Tony’s sweet, Spring wedding day! It was our pleasure to start the season with such kind, laid-back individuals. Tony and his guys would not stop offering Jenn help with her gear. She had to shoo them all away and remind them they were dressed to the nines! While Bethany’s ladies sweetly gathered to help her into her dress. Bethany’s sister, Brittany, and her Maid of Honor, Felicia buttoned Bethany up as her mom was able to take in the whole scene!

Once Bethany and Tony exchanged rings at St. Mary’s in Oswego, the wedding party, Sarah & Wesley adventured out into the village of Oswego. They were able to find some lovely scenes around a mutual old favorite, Old City Hall. See, Bethany and Tony work in Oswego and Sarah went to school there, so they started off with a lot in common! The wedding party were total troopers. It was a picturesque day but a bit nippy! It’s always like 10 degrees cooler than the rest of CNY up there. The winds from the lake were in full affect! The wedding party braved the brisk Spring breeze, though. Everyone rallied to make sure Bethany and Tony got some awesome photos by jumping in and out of the patches of sun, warming up between photos.

The day was capped off with a reception at The American Foundry, and Bethany and Tony hosted quite the party. They set up a game table (stocked with Jenga, Banagrams, Uno, to name a few!) and left delicious monogramed chocolates by Man in the Moon Candies at each table-setting. During dinner, a guest asked to do an Irish family tradition by dancing an Irish jig for the couple. Legend states the faster the dancer can get her feet to move, the more children the newly weds will have! It was a nice gesture met with great applause. Once the cake was cut, Just Push Play pumped the music to get the party started. Tony definitely wins the award for Groom with the Most Boogie! We were delighted to watch Tony dance with his friends, family and beautiful wife! It was a true display of joy that further strengthened our love for this job!

Please enjoy these highlights from Bethany and Tony’s best day ever!

Dress Designer – MoriLee by Madeline Gardner | Dress Vendor – NYBride | Cake Artist – Cakes Galore | Florist – The Darling Elves | DJ – Just Push Play Productions | Hair & Make-up – Port City Day Spa

Sycamore Hill Gardens, Marcellus, NY | Kelly & Brendon are Engaged!

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These two are making great time! I received an email from Kelly last Monday, unsure of her wedding date but had all of these lovely plans including an intimate 20-40 person wedding in the backyard of their new home, complete with hanging lanterns, yard games and yummy local bbq! We met a few days later, on Thursday, where they booked me on the spot and we met Sunday for their engagement session at Sycamore Hill Gardens! It was awesome how it all came together so fast! In this short amount of time I feel like I made new friends.

So! The e-sesh spot is pretty special! Sycamore Hill Farm is only open a few times a year to the public for charity fundraising events. We just happened to fall within one of those times! Kelly knew that’s where she wanted their engagement session and we made it work and it was SO worth it. Stunning thoughtfully planned out landscapes with a some Asian flare throughout the entire grounds made it easy to find nooks for these two to be photographed in. Not to mention they were naturals in front of the camera, I barely gave them direction. See for yourselves below!

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MacKenzie Childs Aurora, NY | Emily + Adam are Engaged!

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I’ve been trying to “up” my e-sesh location game when possible! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my normal stomping grounds like Franklin Square, Thornden Park and Upper Onondaga Park. But lately I’ve been on the hunt for different locations! Even if that means a small adventure! A past bride and groom requested the formal photo segment of the day be taken at MacKenzie Childs. The grounds were stunning, I had endless options any way I turned and I wanted to have that again.

Emily and Adam agreed to meeting us out there for their e-sesh! What I didn’t know when I asked them was that they had gone to the annual barn sale previously and Emily scored a pair of MacKenzie Childs boots! You bet she brought them with her! How perfect? We had to add them in a few shots.

We had a lovely evening exploring the grounds once again and getting to know these two in preparation for their upcoming wedding! Take a look at what we were able to make together and get excited with me as we anticipate their wedding at the new Sinclair of Skaneateles wedding venue!

Kyle + Kerstin are Engaged | Franklin Square, Syracuse, NY

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Kyle and Kerstin are a super sweet couple! We had been rescheduling their e-session since before Christmas. The weather would NOT cooperate and they wanted it to be absolutely perfect! Finally, everything aligned perfectly this past Friday and we met for an afternoon shoot at Franklin Square! We had our final meeting at Freedom of Espresso where I sipped on some espresso before our shoot as we caught up, nailed down our timeline, and finalized details for the day of shotlist. What I’m most excited about for their big day is the ceremony location with a view and seeing Kerstin’s interior design background and talent executed at the Barne’s Barn! June 24th is right around the corner but before we start skipping ahead, make sure to scroll down and check out the images from their e-sesh!

SHP 2016 Wedding Season | Our Individual Favorites

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We have officially started the countdown to the beginning of the 2017 wedding season (8 days!!!). However, before we move forward, we thought it’d be a great idea to reflect on 2016 just once more.We each went back through our 2016 images and picked personal favorites; images we personally captured!

Before we invite you to check out what we picked, we think it’s important you know each of our roles during a traditional wedding day. Sarah is SHP! She is the main photographer and hangs with the couple all day. At the beginning of the day, she focuses mainly on capturing the bride’s getting ready experience. She documents details (those dress portraits, though!), and she is the macro specialist! She excels in macro photos of intricate details – especially the rings. Jenn is Sarah’s right-hand-gal and second shooter. She starts out documenting the groom’s getting ready experience. She is usually responsible for getting detail shots of the reception area before guests arrive as well. She is a second perspective during the ceremony. While Sarah focuses on the couple, Jenn is able to capture the things they are missing as they gaze into each other’s eyes and make a life-long commitment. Jenn also works on getting establishing detail shots throughout the day to round-out the story for the couple. Wesley, who has been working with SHP for over 2 years now, is our lighting and gear extraordinaire. He may not always get to pick up a camera when he wants, but he does get the opportunity to shoot at most weddings – especially during the ceremony. He is literally Sarah’s right-hand-dude, as he is by her side for most of the day holding a light, providing Sarah with optimum lighting situations wherever she goes. When he does get to pick up a camera, he creates a third, unique, perspective during ceremonies, or snaps a photo of Sarah in action, or creates a lovely, complimentary image for the couples’ collection.

Now that you know how a traditional wedding work day goes, you’ll understand our individual favorites a little more. While the day may dictate our subject matter, it does not dictate our skill or creativity. We’ve separated the images below by photographer. We hope you enjoy!

Sarah’s Favorites

Jenn’s Favorites

Wesley’s Favorites

Adult Prom | Oswego, New York

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If you had a second chance at crushing the biggest, most nostalgic dance during your high school career would you? How about as an adult? Adult Prom’s have been popping up all across the US and SHP has had the honor for the past three years to document the Adult Prom in Oswego! This event is for all adults! Popular kids, jocks and wallflowers aside, it’s a judgement free zone and a super fun event to be a part of!

Hosted at the Lake Ontario Conference Center, it can be a do over, an excuse to get dolled up and grab your significant other (or your pals) and it’s also a yearly fundraiser. Prom Queen and King are crowned to those who raised the most money for the cause, this year was the Children’s Museum of Oswego. A portion of ticket sales was donated to the Museum as well. Crank up your own tunes and scroll through some highlights from this year’s Adult Prom!

Check out the full gallery here: Adult Prom 2017 Online Gallery

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SHP Wedding Series | Gimme the Deets!

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Today, we want to give you the details! All of the deets! This collection was an exciting one to reflect on and compile. Wedding day details are Jenn’s favorite things to photograph, and we all revel in the varied subject matter that each individual special day brings to our creative eyes.

As you already know from our Winter Series (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8), we have had some amazing and creative clients, so the subject matter we are asked to photograph is already aesthetically pleasing. We prefer to document these items and decorations from both journalistic and artistic perspectives. This gives us the challenge of photographing them artistically as well as immortalizing their existence. In that forever kind of way.

Details aren’t always things, though! During the big day we also hone in on the human details that reflect emotion. Providing our clients with as many perspectives and as much coverage of what they are “missing” as they celebrate saying I do all day is our most important goal. The multiple perspectives we provide to our clients is something we think is unique to SHP. Sarah has had Jenn alongside her for 8 years and over that time it has allowed us to create a flow. We can be in the same room, let’s say, during a ceremony, and while Sarah is focused on the couple and what’s happening front-and-center, Jenn will be documenting the secondary details that fill in the couple’s ceremony story; be it the groom’s hands, a crying mom or a cute flower girl on the loose. Later in the day we could be in the same reception space and have completely different tasks. Sarah is focused on the couple and the must-have shots, and Jenn fills the story in with details like the champagne glasses filled with toasting material, table cards, an empty room before the guests come in, table settings and even the cake. It’s important to fill in the main events with the details and that’s how having a killer tag team, like we have, can help achieve said things in a timely manner!

If you’re a frequent reader (oh, heyy!), you’ll know by now that planning with us, setting a realistic timeline and collaborating with us on your day of shot list will allow us to create moments like these for youuu! Speaking of these moments and things and stuff – we can’t stop drooling over this set. There’s so much shiny, pretty, color all in one place. Let us know what you think! Perhaps something in the set below will spark an idea for your future nuptials. <3

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