Emerson Park Pavilion, Auburn, NY | Kate + Jared are Married!

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If you follow our blog, you’ll recognize Kate & Jared from our recent post about their sweet downtown Auburn engagement session! We have been acquainted with Kate & Jared, two teachers in love, through mutual friends for years, and we definitely grew closer during their wedding planning process! We have to admit, we were a little daunted when they told us their wedding party was 28 people deep, but it quickly became apparent why they couldn’t have it any other way as we spent time with them during their best day ever (the large wedding party definitely made for some incredible photos!).

The day began and ended with tons of energy, joy, and smiles! Virtually every single person of their 300 count guest list filled the church to watch their nuptials. It was an awesome sight to see. Kate was bursting with joy as she made her way to the altar and couldn’t help but fist pump the air as the priest mentioned her union to Jared. When the wedding party was asked to come to the for the exchange of rings, all 28 members cascaded around Kate & Jared, and it was epic! Once they were officially deemed husband and wife, everyone went outside for a balloon release, which made for quite the photo op!

After snapping some formals at the church altar, we stopped at Hoopes Park (where Jared proposed to Kate!) for some formal shots of the newly weds. While they were posing, Kate’s brother came walking up with June, Kate and Jared’s beloved fur baby! It was evident that this put Kate’s day over the top with joy! When Sarah showed her a shot of her sweet family on the back of the camera, Kate had to hold back tears! Sarah quickly exclaimed “Pooooop!” to get Kate to laugh instead of cry and mess up her makeup before the reception. It was adorable.

Kate & Jared rejoined the wedding party getting wild on the limo bus, and we all headed to Emerson Park Pavilion. The weather was on point and the pavilion sits right on the tip of Owasco Lake, so to say the day was picture perfect is definitely not an overstatement. Sarah and Wesley took the wedding party around the grounds for some fun formals as the guests enjoyed a lovely indoor/outdoor cocktail hour at the pavilion. Everyone fit comfortably in the modern, industrial-inspired venue. Jenn was able to get into the reception area before the guests in order to document the beautiful decorations. Having this time is ideal for us and our work flow! Plus, it’s always great for all the hard work and planning to be documented before the guests enjoy it.

The cocktail hour smoothly transitioned to the reception as the guests were invited into the open, airy reception hall. The wedding party did not disappoint with their introductions, being sure to entertain all the guests with chugging contests, little dances, and funny moments. Once Kate & Jared made it to the dance floor, they shared the sweetest first dance to Sara Bareilles’ “I Choose You” filled with singing to each other, twirling and jumping!

The reception joy did not stop there either. Kate’s Matron of Honor, cousin and best friend, Chelsea changed the words to their favorite teeny bopper (Aaron Carter? haha) song to celebrate Kate’s marriage to Jared. Jared’s Best Man and friend of 30 years, Ryan made the entire room crack up as he shared dad jokes with Jared’s dad. And the fun and surprises just continued! Kate and Jared’s favorite band (made up of local Auburn teachers), The Mere Mortals, MC’d the night. Right before dinner, one of the members reminded Kate that it was national Dance Day, and then suddenly the music started and random guests of the reception started to pop-up, flash mob style, to dance for Kate. She’s a dancer, so this was an extra special surprise, and boy could we tell she was surprised!!!  After dinner, Kate returned the favor when a sweet, slow father/daughter dance turned into a rap medley complete with props. Mr. Collier showed off his best hip-hop moves and was the sweetest sport for his daughter.

Mr. Collier said it best when he thanked guests for joining the celebration – Kate & Jared’s kind souls had brought some of the nicest, most joyful people together under one roof. The party was in full blast after dinner and the dance floor was never empty! The Mere Mortals even asked Kate up on stage to sing! Kate & Jared also hired Poppy’s ice cream truck to come by for a unique dessert experience.

Here are some highlights for you to enjoy of Kate & Jared’s best day ever:


Congratulations & best wishes, Mr. & Mrs. Tabone! #tohaveandtabone


Featured Wedding Professionals || Dress Vendor – NY Bride | Hair Stylist – Clara Sloan | Makeup Artist – Sara Scollan, Crazy Beautiful Co. | Caterer – H&J Hospitality | Florist – Michelle Feraccio, The Flower Shop | Band – Mere Mortals | Videographer – Zach Cullen, Cullen Studios (formally, Live Oak Films LLC) | Transportation – Big D’s Limo | Cake – Judy Campanella

Marcellus Park | Megan and Steve are Engaged!

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Planning a Seattle engagement session with these two was so much fun! Until we realized the logistics of it all just weren’t in our favor and a future Seattle trip with Megan and Steve hosting Tim and I would have to happen! (2018!?) It all worked out, because I met with Megan and Steve today, just a few days before their wedding, to hang out and get some camera time in before their big day! We wandered around Marcellus Park this morning, where many locals come to walk their dog and enjoy the scenery. (And where I got for dog therapy) We lost count at like 10+ dogs while we wandered over the bridge and along the gravel pathway and decided hit up the swings for some fun photos. After a great morning shooting and watching them practice their first dance moves, we parted ways – Steve needed to magically make his birth certificate appear in order to get their marriage license! Eeeek! All suspense aside, they were successful in their errands, and the show will go on, on Friday! So, sit back and scroll through our adventures from earlier today and hold tight for their wedding blog post in just a few weeks!

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Landmark Theatre, Syracuse, NY | Brystal + John are Married!

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SHP started Brystal and John’s big day at Dewitt Community Church. First, we met up with Brystal, who was able to take advantage of the lovely side room at the church for the finishing touches of her getting ready. She was surrounded by her favorite (and very helpful!) ladies. With hair and makeup on point, she was helped into her dress. Once she was all buttoned up, everyone took in the sight of Brystal, The Bride. Everyone agreed she was a classic, picture-perfect one!

John waited in the church sanctuary with his fellas and greeted guests as they started to trickle in. Brystal requested John’s best man deliver a gift and then bring John to her blindfolded! This was our first blindfolded “first look”. It was a sweet twist on the new tradition! Sarah snapped a couple photos of their interaction and then left them for a moment of privacy.

Brystal’s processional was started by a very special flower girl. Their ceremony was prayerfully sweet. They were pronounced husband and wife and made their way back down the aisle to hide from all their guests. They chose not to do a receiving line, so hiding was the best idea! Of courses their guests were eager to congratulate them, but we had a timeline to stick to!

Once we completed family formals at the church alter, everyone headed out for the reception at the Landmark Theatre! Family and friends chatted over cocktails and cheese plates as Sarah, Wesley and the wedding party explored the theatre and made some awesome images. The Landmark Theatre is an artist’s dream. It seems there’s inspiration around every corner.

Jonathan Paduano, of Paduano Studios kept the guests informed, and got the party started by introducing the couple as they descended those epic Landmark stairs. There, spot-lit in blue, Brystal and John shared their first dance as a married couple!

Karen’s Catering did an awesome job with the plated dinner that followed (have you had their spaghetti pie?! Team SHP highly recommends it!). The fathers of the bride and groom toasted the couple with a few sweet childhood memories and their view on how Brystal and John’s love story began, making everyone teary! The Maid of Honor and best man rounded out the well wishes with toasts of their own too! Once the cake was cut, the dance floor opened for party time. Jonathan kept the guest entertained while Sarah and Wesley went outside to set up an epic shot for Brystal and John in front of that dazzling marquee!

Here are some highlights from Brystal and John’s wedding

Congratulations & best wishes, Mr. & Mrs. Nichter!

Featured Wedding Professionals || Dress Designer – Maggie Sottero | Dress Vendor – Spybaby Bridal | Cake Artist – Mrs. Kelder’s Cakes | Florist – Whistlestop | DJ – Jonathan Paduano | Catering – Karen’s Catering | Hair – Kaitlyn Schnabl, Hair Habitat | Makeup – Amanda LaDue

Sarah’s Summer Vacation | Outer Banks, North Carolina

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It’s funny (and lovely) that photos help us remember things. Even things that happened just a week ago. I have a fleeting memory and as frustrating as it is, it’s nice to have pictures. As I’m looking through the photos I took while on vacation I’m remembering little things that I saw during our adventures and they bring a smile to my face. So, as I said, I went on vacation last week, and it was so so great! My mom’s side of the family all met up at the Outer Banks in NC. Three families from Charlotte, NC (Gram + Gramps, both of my Uncle’s and their families), one from Oswego, NY (my parents) and us, driving from Camillus, NY to spend a week together at the beach in Nags Head, NC, like we’ve done a handful or more times, since I was a kiddo!

These weeks on the beach always make for amazing memories because we really get to spend time together seeing we’re in the same house for the week. Granted, it’s a 3 floor home with an elevator, 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and a huge living space, I feel like there’s a ton of bonding time that happens.
Days on the beach are pretty routine for the family. Some wake up early, start the coffee and watch the sunrise. I caught it twice and both times it was lovely to be up overlooking the ocean, watching the porpoises, pelicans and ocean waves roll in as the sun was rising. Once more wake up we have breakfast, sometimes it’s basic cereal/fruit/etc. and sometimes we get fancy and make a sausage biscuit and gravy feast (which is always my favorite)!  The afternoons are spent at the pool that is loosely sandwiched between the ocean and the house, or we head to the ocean with beach chairs, umbrellas, beer and salted shelled peanuts in hand for snacking. Everyone comes in for lunch when they feel they are hungry and many end up taking naps because the wind and sun at the ocean knocks ’em out. 5:00 eventually rolls around and cocktails and fancy snacks are put out and we gather as a group, talk about our day and one of the families prepares dinner. Each night, a different family is designated dinner maker, and usually another family or family members will help clean up. The evening rolls around and some games are busted out. We played Uno, Buzz Word, Sequence and other favorites. After we’re pooped from games and the rest of the day’s activities we head to bed!
We ate very well this past week with meals like lasagna, tamales, thai noodle dish (our night), honey baked ham, and an epic seafood feast night including 6 pounds of shrimp, some scallops, flounder and tuna, all super super fresh and cooked amazingly! Oh and my cousin made cheddar bay biscuits that night which paired quite well!
Many adventures happened that I talk about in between photos, so make sure to keep reading and check out a glimpse into our OBX beach vacation!

We stopped at Front Porch Cafe probably every day we were in the OBX and bought 3 pounds of coffee to go!
The Elizabethan Gardens are one of my favorite peaceful places to wander around in Manteo!

Everywhere you turned in the gardens was another pretty nook worthy of photographing.

We wandered around Roanoke Island after the gardens and ended up in Wanchese, a fisherman village. I had to take some detail shots.

We stopped at Mulligans after our adventures (an adventure including JET SKIING!! Mulligans offered an amazing oceanfront view from their third floor Tiki Bar! Pina Coladas were had, as well as coconut shrimp! So delicious and fresh!

Here’s Tim at Super Wings. This store exists on the island about every mile or so, I swear.

Ok, so. Duck Donuts. Go get some right now. Made to order pick your flavors fresh, hot, delicious donuts… Go NOW! Top row from left to right (Tim’s picks) – plain glazed, peanut butter bacon, chocolate salted caramel peanut. Bottom left row from left to right (my picks) – lemon raspberry, peanut butter bacon, chocolate peanut butter.

Family time, storm, sunrise, etc! My Uncle Bob above, and his son Will about to jump in the pool. See how close we are to the ocean!?

My Dad.

Took a little drive to Bodie Lighthouse! While we didn’t get to go up it because it was the end of the day and tours were full, we did get to go in and look up and walk around the grounds. The sky was stunning and we got some lovely photos and enjoyed our walk!

After dinner beach walk to find the colorful houses all in a row! We caught a lovely sun set, you can see the back of our beach house too. Holy huge. haha.

Such a lovely sunset.

Tim and I decided to adventure on the “coolest” day we had I think it was 79, lol, to the tallest sand dunes on the East Coast at Jockey’s Ridge State Park. It was quite the adventure, and it was free!! Free is always good! I didn’t take my camera out after the walk out there, because I was too busy admiring it and taking it in, so you’ll have to check google images for photos.

Family photo’s after dinner! As you can see some of the bunch got a little silly. That’s my Dad, bottom left. 😛

The early morning sunrises, time with my family on the beach, at the dinner table, games in the evenings, and adventures we all took, made this week a week that I’ll never forget. I am so thankful that we had the time off to be able to make it down to create these memories! I highly recommend an Outer Banks trip to anyone. It’s such a lovely vacation spot. 🙂

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Thornden Park, Syracuse, NY | Liz and Dave are Engaged!

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Liz and Dave met me early last week for their summery engagement session at Thornden Park! It turned out to be such an amazing night. I feel like I’ve taken summer evenings for granted in the past years because this year has been so rainy. We were in luck Tuesday evening! We wandered around the park chatting and having a great time. A touch of reminiscing with Liz happened, about our college days, mutual friends and our local watering holes! Hey- that’s how we met, college and the extracurricular activities that took place after the college day had ended! 😛 I’m a beer girl, everyone knows this! It’s always exciting watching friends and their relationships bloom and then get contacted to photograph the wedding! I love being a part of such special days! Dave is a local Police Officer (I think I’ve hit my niche client! This is police wedding #3 for me!) so they incorporated his handcuffs for a little detail fun! Tim (my hubby who was assisting me at this shoot) and I may have gotten handcuffed together while the cuffs were out! Haha. It’s always great to have a little fun during the sessions. We finished up the session expressing Liz and Dave’s passion to run together, Liz says it’s so they can have beer together, and I think that’s awesome! They wanted to incorporate some running shots for their Save The Date! I can’t wait to see how it comes out. Note Liz’s adorable and fitting shirt gifted from her dear friend! It says running these miles to walk down the aisle! How cute! Go check out the photos from their sweet session and the awesome surprise they had for me at the end of the session!

And their awesome post-session surprise gift to me! They created a make your own six pack knowing I love IPA’s and double IPA’s adding ones that they like and wanted me to try. So awesomeeeeee!!!

Vernon Downs, Vernon, NY | Leighanne + Lawrence are Married!

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SHP Team 2, Wesley, Jenn & Mary, set out early on the morning of Leighanne & Lawrence’s big day. We arrived at Vernon Downs Casino with plenty of time to scout the grounds while we waited for the bride and groom to separately arrive. The skies were threatening and the gambling bets for the day began early as we wondered if the ceremony would take place as planned on the terrace outside. While the wedding coordinator watched the radar, we met up with Leighanne and her ladies as they got ready. We made sure to document Leighanne’s gorgeous gown. She had a piece of her mother’s wedding gown stitched into it; such a sweet touch! She also had a rockin’ pair of Lifestride Sevyn heels for the ceremony. We loved the bright colors!

On the floor below, the men prepared for the day. Lawrence paused while getting ready to present his guys with gift bags! He gave each guy a monogrammed pocket watch. Super classy! He didn’t forget to also add personalized booze and Team Groom shot glasses either.

Team SHP knows Leighanne and Lawrence through Sarah’s husband. Leighanne and Sarah have been cousins since 2013. Sarah’s in-laws have always been kind and great supporters of SHP, so this day was super special for all involved. We met to talk business and solidify plans about the wedding well in advance and bonded over tacos, of course!

Leighanne and Lawrence chose to do a first look on their big day. Once the finishing touches were on the outfits they’d been planning for months, we led them to the Vernon Down gardens for their special moment. Leighanne and Lawrence were super laid back and the first look moment allowed everyone to come together briefly before the ceremony.

While those that put money on the ceremony being outside collected their winnings, Team SHP hung out with the whole wedding party to get formals. The clouds were definitely threatening as we began, and eventually we had to hightail it inside – but we were pretty prepared from our morning scope! While the angry clouds hovered, we could see more pleasant ones in the distance so we headed over to the stadium for some indoor group shots to wait out the raindrops.

The clouds parted for the sun just in time for the guests to arrive and take their seats on the terrace. Leighanne and Lawrence were married by their cousin, Heidi, another extra special touch. They said their vows and then created a blend of different colored sand in one jar to have blown into glass later. Once the I do’s were sealed with a kiss, the guests cheered in congratulations for the new couple and made their way to cocktail hour on the other side of the terrace. The Vernon staff already had plenty of amaretto sours and whiskey sours made and displayed to refresh everyone!

Leighanne and Lawrence first celebrated their new union with family photographs by the garden. Wesley and Mary once again had to take a gamble on the weather! Everyone did the best they could to gather family for portraits before the skies opened up again. In the end, some of them did have to be done inside. Thank goodness we love OCF!

Each guest was greeted with a ticket for a horse participating in the eighth race of the day tucked into the napkin of their classy place setting. The tables were dressed in navy blue and pale pink. Whistlestop Florist did a lovely job with the centerpieces, pale pink roses, and bouquets. The newly weds were introduced and salads were passed as everyone waited for the first fun gamble of the day (gambling on the weather is so stressful!!)!

With full bellies (those cheesy potatoes!), the guest cheered as the screen came down to broadcast the race. Everyone grabbed their tickets and cocktails and turned their attention to the horses. It was a close one and the tables with horses in it to win it watched intently and encouraged their horses. In the end, only one table could win, and they celebrated on the dance floor! Leighanne and Lawrence kicked off the dance party with a bouquet and garter tradition. They joined many of their guests in the SHP photo booth throughout the night.

Here are some highlights from Leighanne and Lawrence’s best day ever:

Congratulations & best wishes, Mr. & Mrs. Piper!

Featured Wedding Professionals || Dress Designer – Stella York | Dress Vendor – New York Bride | Cake Artist – Candy Flock | Florist – Whistlestop | DJ – DJs R US

Cherry Island, Alexandria, NY | Jacque + Ben are Married! – Associate Wedding Photography by Wesley & Team

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The clouds were in and out, the wind was strong, and the sound of seagulls and crashing waves filled the air on the morning of Jacque and Ben’s wedding at Casa Blanca on Cherry Island. As team SHP, led by associate photographer Wesley, made a phone call to Phil, the boatman and owner of the wedding venue, we quickly realized we were not in the intended meetup spot. In typical tourist fashion, we piled back in the car and made a few more K, U, and probably a couple other letter turns before finally seeing our guide and loading all of our gear onto the boat.

As we approached Casa Blanca we were greeted with a comprehensive waterfront view of this late 18th Century mega-cottage. We took a bit of a self guided tour around the grounds after stepping foot on land. The interior of the cottage was just like a museum. There was a distinct musty, antique smell that was so comforting, and always accompanies those objects from days gone by. The groomsmen were gathered around the piano and someone was playing flawlessly and quite proficiently. Molly and Mary Grace walked closer to see who it was, but to their surprise, the piano was playing itself! Venturing outside, we walked down an orange and winding boardwalk, past a row of three inviting waterside hammocks, and a collection of stone animal statues with gleaming marble eyes. The stone gazebo that was to be the place where Jacque and Ben say “I do” had four opened archways that all provided an unparalleled view to the St. Lawrence River and the castles across the water.

All of this splendor aside, it was time for us to capture the beauty of the bride-to- be who was getting ready inside her perfectly pink room. As soon as we walked up the stairs to this room, the sense of family was immediately apparent. Children were running around, wide-eyed with curiosity, and pointing at the enormous ships that were floating by just outside their windows. They seemed to be just as fascinated with Wesley’s camera and lighting setup and kept saying, “One more picture” as they watched while being asked to come away and eat their lunches. Jacque’s gorgeous embroidered dress captured such a simple yet elegant sophistication. Her pale pink shoes coincidentally matched the walls of her room, and her grandmother’s stunning diamond ring brought tears to her mother’s eyes as they both looked down at it on her finger for the first time.

As the men were getting ready in the green room, Ben’s attention for detail shined through; he made sure all of his men had their boutonniere, collar, and ties on point. Ben’s dad joined the men in the green room, while drinks were being had and told them a story about Ben that brought about quite a few good laughs. We loved Ben’s “Groom” koozie he was sporting with his beer of choice and his boutineer that was perfectly crafted to complement the bouquets.

Before long, we noticed through the big picture window, the guests were arriving on their ferry. All were greeted warmly with smiles and hugs by the handsome Ben. They were then directed down the orange boardwalk past the swanky sounds of a saxophone being played live. It finally came time for Jacque to walk down the aisle to her patient but eager groom. Escorted on both sides by her mom and dad, Jacque couldn’t take her eyes off of Ben. The ceremony was almost threatened by a few ominous raindrops, but luckily everyone made it through, mostly dry, to witness Jacque and Ben be pronounced husband and wife!

As their guests milled about the giant wrap-around porch and sat in the comfy lawn chairs at cocktail hour, the now Mr. and Mrs. Taylor escaped away for some couples photos with Wesley. Walking side-by- side down the boardwalk and waving long distances to well-wishers in boats going by, the couple was so wrapped up in each other.

Before long, the band was set and ready to introduce the new couple into the tented reception space. This space was decorated with a bird theme with little birch-bark box planters holding the table numbers, and a bag of birdseed for each guest’s favor. Both Jacque and Ben love to birdwatch, and Ben’s gift from his bride was in fact a brand new camera with quite an impressive telephoto lens to capture all kinds of birds for years to come.

Jacque and Ben were introduced, had their very romantic first dance, and then moved right into Ben’s mother-son dance with his mother, Dara. Some technical difficulties ensued, however, when Ben’s new phone was unable to connect to the band’s sound system for Jacque’s father-daughter dance. An ipad was quickly located, though, and what came next was probably the most emotional polka SHP has ever seen. The love between Jacque and her father Phil was so beautiful and brought the whole reception to tears.

Not long after dinner was served, it was time for Mr. and Mrs. Ben Taylor’s epic wedding boat ride. Phil, the owner of Casa Blanca, quickly explained his intended route to Wesley who stood at the ready on a high point of the island to capture the whole scene. Wesley was then invited onto “The Garwoods” boat to capture an entirely new and exciting perspective. This celebratory boat ride caused quite a stir, though, and the Coast Guard was eventually spotted coming to give their congratulations, as well as a warning to slow down! Oops! 🙂

The remainder of the night included some fun groomsmen photos in the billiard room, a heated family game of poker, and a giant group photo at sunset. Wesley was assisted by a young man with a camera of his own as he shouted at the 30 or more members of his family to “Pay attention to the photographer, guys!” Future SHP member, right there!

The sky was turning all sorts of beautiful colors over the water as the sun set and this magical day came to its conclusion. As the SHP team piled back onto the boat back to the mainland, lively music and laughter could still be heard coming from the party tent – family and friends showing their love and appreciation for the wonderful couple, Jacque and Ben.

Feel free to check out our favorites from Mr. & Mrs. Taylor’s best day ever!

Featured Wedding Professionals || Caterer – Mullins | Florist – Flowers by Vinnie | Band – Soft Spoken | Transportation – Uncle Sam Boat Tours | Photography – Wesley Feuz, Mary Grace Johnson & Molly Baldwin – Sarah Heppell Photography‘s Associate Team | Blog post writing – Molly Baldwin

Drumlins Country Club, Syracuse, NY | Brittany + Greg are Married!

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Brittany and Greg met at Police Academy, and according to the best man’s speech, Greg knew she was the one pretty quickly! SHP has enjoyed getting to know them during their wedding planning. They rocked their engagement session, hardcore. Brittany has even volunteered to be a model for a photo walk-about since hiring us. We obviously clicked, so when we met them at the Homewood Suites to start the day, we were very excited for them! Everyone was laid back during getting ready. It helped that Brittany and her ladies had a ton of space to get ready in and were super organized. Each bridesmaid had a monogrammed burlap tote to keep all their things and stuff together.

Once Brittany’s hair and makeup was on point, she slipped into her dress to prepare for a first look with her father. It was a sweet, emotional moment that organically created lovely photo opportunities. Greg would just have to wait to see his blushing bride at the church! Setting aside time for special moments like this is a great way to pace the day.

While Brittany and her father had their first look, Greg, his men, and Jenn hopped in the limo and headed to St. John’s Episcopal Church to greet guests and hand out programs. The weather was simply perfect and sunglass-clad guests dressed to the nines filtered into the church. The Reverend is a close friend, so that made the ceremony extra special for the couple. Once they kissed to seal the deal and greeted their guests in a receiving line, it was time to get down to photo business!!

Sarah took Brittany and Greg around the outside of the church after formal family portraits. The gardens were beautifully kept and lead them to a magnificent wall of ivy! After pausing for some portraits against the ivy, everyone headed to Drumlins Country Club to continue the wedding party photo fun. Sarah and the wedding party got to wander around the golf course. Then the videographer, Jon Simmons, finished the formal portion of things off with an epic drone shot!

(Funny story – as photographs were wrapping up, Greg’s mom came up to Sarah and asked, “do you recognize me?” And from somewhere in the depths of Sarah’s memory it clicked – Greg’s mom was Sarah’s librarian when she was a wee little one! Sarah’s mind filled with memories of Greg’s mom reading books to her and spending time at the public library. Too cute! And the SHP world keeps getting smaller!)

Drumlins did a beautiful job setting the scene for Brittany and Greg’s reception celebration. With over 200 guests, they effortless streamlined cocktail hour into the reception by simply moving a wall! Each table was decorated with hurricanes of varying sizes filled with orchids and floating candles. It was classy to the max! Once everyone was seated, the wedding party was introduced, and they did not disappoint with their intros – they had the whole room laughing – gearing them up for Brittany and Greg. They entered the room as a married couple for the first time and went straight to the dance floor for their first dance. It was sweet and close and slow – then suddenly the DJ changed it up and Brittany and Greg busted out into an awesome salsa!! They looked like pros up there and wowed everyone!

The salsa was just the beginning! Once everyone filled their bellies with the delicious buffet food, they did not hesitate to get out on the dance floor. It was flooded!! We have to admit we were a little surprised to see how much fun a bunch of police officers could have! They definitely let loose with the dance battles, dance circles, and rave “balls”. Brittany and Greg’s guests definitely brought their A-party-game! To quote one of their police officer friends, “you gotta let loose sometimes!” SHP can definitely relate to the work-hard-party-hard motto.

To cap off the night, one of the sergeants from their station brought a shiny, clean cop car over so Brittany and Greg could pose for a few final photographs. It definitely caught some  attention and made for some memorable, everlasting photographs for two police officers who fell in love at the Police Academy!!

Here are some highlights from Brittany and Greg’s best day ever:

Congratulations & best wishes, Mr. & Mrs. Webb!



Featured Wedding Professionals || Wedding Dress Vendor – New York Bride | Cake Artist – Pascale Bakehouse | Florist – Family Friends Gisele & Carole Lescarbeau | DJ – Lonnie Dotson | Hair & Makeup – CNY Face Candy, Ashlee Updike & Tabetha Carns |

Downtown Auburn, NY | Kate + Jared are Engaged!

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Kate + Jared have been acquaintances of ours for a few years now. We’d see each other at friend’s kids’ birthday parties and shoot the shit about teaching, coaching, photography, and life in general – the typical catching up chatter at gatherings. It seems like it wasn’t so long ago that we were at our friend’s daughter’s 2nd birthday chatting about their recent engagement and nailing down the beginning stages of wedding planning! (And also talking me into climbing into a little tykes house for a photo op!)

I had them into the studio to hear about their vision and plans and soon after they checked “wedding photographer” off their list! Time has flown and our dear friend’s two year old has since turned three and we just had the pleasure of wandering around Auburn with them to document their engagement (and their new family addition, June)!  Scroll down to check out their downtown Auburn e-sesh!

Franklin Square Park, Syracuse, NY | Carrie + Joe are Engaged!

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I remember saddling up at my local bar and chatting with Carrie on a few different occasions. We’d chat about life and love together and with our favorite bartender, Caitlin. Carrie and Caitlin are great friends and that’s how I met Carrie, through Caitlin. When I heard Carrie found “the one” and was getting married I was pumped for her. And, when she messaged me to ask me to take their photos I was even more excited! I get to document their best day ever as they celebrate with friends and family!

But, I’m getting a little ahead of myself here. The engagement session comes first. For their session they wanted to do some formal/traditional studio portraits which I thought was fun. Carrie sent me a pinterest board with some inspiration we drew from and on the board was a really old portrait of a couple that she wanted to recreate because she thought it was a little silly. You’ll see below, that photo we recreated is the one in black and white. I played around a little extra with that one to give it a vintage feel. After we finished playing around in the studio we wandered around Franklin Square (avoiding all of the prom-goers!!) and documented them sharing tasty treats and coffee at Freedom of Espresso. It was adorable and you should scroll down to see for yourself!